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Boutique Hotel Casa Orquídeas

We leave at your disposal different points of interest of the city of San José:

Points of interest history and culture
Points of interest history and culture

1. Escalante Calle 33 Gastronomic District: just 100 meters from the hotel. An area full of restaurants, bars and Mini Breweries, the best area of the capital to enjoy a pleasant evening.

2. Mall San Pedro: 300 meters from the hotel. It is a shopping mall with movie theaters, inexpensive stores and a variety of fast food.

3. UCR Campus: 600 meters from the hotel. The campus of the main public university of Costa Rica is an area of great cultural and social activity.

4. Antigua Aduana: 700 meters from the hotel. Former office building of the Customs Department, converted into an exhibition space, fairs and one of the best dramatic theaters in the country.

5. National Park: only 900 meters from the hotel.

6. Democracy Square: Located 1 kilometer from the hotel. Epicenter of an interesting architectural ensemble that mixes modernity with history.

7. National Museum of History, just 900 metres from the Hotel Casa Orquideas.

8. Jade Museum, located 1 kilometre from the hotel.

9. Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, 1 kilometre and 400 metres from our hotel.

Transportation points of interest
Transportation points of interest

1. Juan Santamaria International Airport: 18km from the hotel.

2.Tobías Bolaños Airport (local flights only): 11km from the hotel.

3. Bus Station: Costa Rica has an extensive bus service, with which you can travel to any part of the country. The three main bus stations are: Los Caribeños, bound for the Caribbean: 2km from the hotel. Station 7-10, bound for Central Pacific and northern beaches: 2.5km from the hotel. La Coca Cola Station, heading towards urban areas outside the metropolitan area of the capital: 2.8 km from the hotel.