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Boutique Hotel Casa Orquídeas

In 1920 the Rojas Cortes family, coffee growers from the canton of Turrialba, moved their successful coffee roasting business to the capital city of San José. The family decided to build their home on a plot of land on the newly created Paseo de Los Yoses. The Yos is a leafy tree that abounded in the coffee plantations of the area, so they named the neighbourhood in its honour.
The wonderful and cosy house in typical Costa Rican style received its commercial name, "Boutique Hotel Casa Orquídeas", from its current owner, Doña Sandra Esteves, who gave it the name inspired by the large collection of orchids in the garden.

Taking advantage of the boom in the tourist industry in 1993 Boutique Hotel Casa Orquídeas opened its doors with only 12 rooms. Over the next 25 years we have expanded our offer to more than 30 rooms in two categories. We continue to grow and strengthen our presence and capacity.

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