About Us

Boutique Hotel Casa Orquideas

Boutique Hotel Casa Orquídeas is a lodging company operating since 1994 with the goal to provide the travellers with a professional but homelike environment.

Our mission is:
excellence in the service to guests, exceeding their expectations and motivating them to return.

Our vision is:
Being the Hotel in Costa Rica, where our guests feel that when they arrived at Boutique Hotel Casa Orquídeas, they arrived at their house.

Our values are:
1- Service: When the quality of our service manages to satisfy and exceed what our guests anticipate, we are fulfilling the objective of making them feel that they are the reason for being of our Hotel.
2- Quality: We pay attention to the requirements of each guest and serve with kindness and professionalism. Delivering our best attitude so that our guest feels welcome.
3- Commitment: We are aware of the importance of fulfilling the work, demonstrating integrity to the work, the company and the guest.
4- Proactive attitude: We anticipate problems to solve them and show the best predisposition to minimize the impact of difficulties.
5- Teamwork: We share a common purpose, we respect, collaborate and work in teams, with the aim of achieving quality results while being participatory and creative.
6- Respect: We recognize and consider all people people for their individuality, based on ethics and respect.